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Maritime Research: Discovering Our Past
Since 1999, the St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program has been searching the seas just off the St. Augustine coast for historic shipwrecks and other coastal history. Each artifact we study tells the story of the oldest port in our nation. They show how our ancestors first arrived in the New World and how they survived despite the hardships of establishing a permanent Spanish colony in what Ponce De Leon’s called La Florida when he landed here in 1513. They tell us about being British Refugees just after the American Revolution, and about the building of Henry Flagler’s grand hotels.

Our maritime research program also provides one of the few places in the world where college students can receive hands-on professional training in underwater archaeology. As you support this program with your donations, and as you support us by climbing 219 steps to the top of the tower, students and scientists dive deep to help explore how the sea connects us all. Thank you for stepping up!
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